Wisbech Table Tennis League
Officers 2017/18
Chris Gay
Home Tel: (01945) 463431
(also Senior and Junior Tournament and Coaching and
Development Secretary and County Rep

Graham Sheppard
Home Tel: (01945) 450246
(also Presentation Evening)

General Secretary:
John Timms
Home Tel: (01945) 870121

Peter Munch
Home Tel: (01406) 366562
(also Match, Press, Sponsorship and Cup Secretary and County Rep)

Child Protection Officer:
Ray Dolan
Home Tel: (01945) 861324

Trophy Secretary:
John Blyth
Home Tel: (01945) 580833

Executive Committee:
George Norman Home Tel: (01406) 364255
Mick Forth Home Tel: (01945) 464131
David Hughes Home Tel: (01945) 581807
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