Wisbech Table Tennis League
League Scorecard

Scorecards can be e-mailed to Peter as either a document (.rtf) or spreadsheet (.xls). You can download a blank scorecard template from the links below, save to your computer and use each week to fill in the scores. If you don't possess a word processor or spreadsheet software then download the .rtf document and use Wordpad. If you use a word processor or spreadsheet please send in Word/Excel version 2003 (or earlier).

You need to save the completed scorecard using 'Save As', giving it a relevant title such as date, team etc, and selecting a version no later than 2003. This is the document you e-mail leaving the original on the computer for the next match.

Please send the completed file, as an attachment, to Peter at petermunch@btinternet.com.

Please click on the selected link below and save the file somewhere, such as the desktop, where you can find it again easily.

Wordprocessor (.rtf) file -
scorecard.rtf (24Kb)
Spreadsheet (.xls) file -
scorecard.xls (13Kb)

This will save the postage each week. Posted cards will continue to be accepted as usual.
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